10 Core Things I Stand For.

about me Aug 09, 2020

 In the context of my work that is.

Learning - this one is massive; learn about alcohol, learn about drugs (I know alcohol is a drug, but I have to say that so you know what I am talking about). This is where I want you to start; learn about the substance you are taking, the facts. Make an informed choice about what you are putting into your body and the impact on you and your life. If you don’t know where to start message me.

Action - You can think, read, listen, over think, analyse; but seriously, just take action. Just f**king do it. It’s all in the action. For instance you might be thinking, how the hell will I be able to relax without alcohol. Basically make a list of 5 things that may help you to relax and do them. It’s through the action that you will figure it out. No one lost weight or got abs by reading about it. You have to do the exercises.

Possibility - Live in the realms of possibility. Anything is possible, it really is. I have seen it, lived...

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