Top Tips for dealing with friends and family.

Top Tips for dealing with friends and family when you want to stop drinking.

You don’t even need to stop, maybe you just drink less or change your drinking.  But let’s face it, the first people to notice are your friends and family.

You would think you would just be able to make the change and no one notice, but oh no, we are a nation of drinkers (sorry I hate saying that, but it’s true). And most are too quick to comment on the fact you are drinking a soft drink.

For whatever reason you have taken steps to quit drinking, or even just reduce, gain control, great.  And as you know if you are even a week into this, you feel healthier, happier, you are sleeping better, work is easier, relationships have improved and you are exercising more (maybe).  Anyway it’s all good, it’s a win win.  You feel like you have discovered a secret.

That is, until you have to go out, or there is a family get together, or a work function.  It...

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