Socializing Without Drinking (Yes it can be done).

alcohol life socialising Jun 22, 2017

Ok let’s talk about social anxiety.

I am not a fan of labels, but you all know what I mean by social anxiety so I will use it. 

What I have seen in all my years of doing this work and living it, is that some people can really struggle with socialising when they give up booze, partying or drug use. 

Mostly this is just because they have been so used to socialising with. 

I think what has happened is as a society we acceptably use alcohol and other substances, although mostly alcohol as a social lubricant and to do business. 

It’s a given, it’s just what happens. We drink, we socialize. 

I don’t think people really realise that that’s what they are doing.  It isn’t a conscious thing.  It’s just you drink when you are out and about, most people do. So, it isn’t until you stop for a while that you really notice this stuff. 

Are you someone that is changing their relationship with drinking? Maybe you...

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